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Got Power ? ...You Need ProTorque
August 2006
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Got NOS ?

YOU NEED... ProTorque !!!

If you are running BIG POWER you need to be running a ProTorque Bullet Series torque converter. Just take a look at some of the racers that count on ProTorque to get the power to the ground.

ProTorque Bullet Series Race Converters

Nothing is more demanding on a torque converter than a heavy, high-horsepower car. The fastest racers realize how important the torque converter is to a winning combination, especially for those racing in Fastest Street Car and Quick 8 events. And many of these racers are all using ProTorque's 10.5” Bullet torque converter.

The secret to their record-setting performances is that ProTorque custom builds every converter to fit the application. Another reason for the success is the quality workmanship and bullet-proof components such as...
  • CNC-machined front cover
  • Hardened billet splines
  • Anti-ballooning plates
  • Furnace brazed fins
  • Torringinton bearings
  • Computer balancing.
  • CAD/CAM Designed

Our Price: Starting at $1295

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Bullet 10.5
ProTorque customers with BIG power use our "Bullet 10.5” Race Torque Converter
Dave Hance
Dave Hance
7.12 @ 205 mph
Englishtown Quick 8
Chuck Ulsh
Chuck Ulsch
7.10 @ 199 mph
(in 100 degree temp)
MIR Dragway
Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds
7.21 @ 193 mph
Englishtown's Quick 8
leo at cecil county
Leo Barnaby
7.10 @ 204 mph
NSCA Cecil County Raceway

Most of these cars are producing over 2,000hp and weigh in excess of 3200 pounds. Even under these extreme conditions many racers have recorded 98-percent coupling efficiency enabling over 200 mph top speeds.

New customer or old ...ProTorque would like to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to the sport. Many of these racers have raced several seasons on the same converter.


Joseph Rivera