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Neverlift Racecraft
8 American Way
Spotswood, NJ 08884
Tel. 732-416-9887
Fax. 732-416-9886
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We Are thrilled to announce the merging of NLRC with Carroll's Rod and Racecraft.

NLRC Featured Products:
Rear Axle Units:
We custom fabricate custom housings, brackets, links, and components using Strange gearsets and hardened axles.

Rear Suspension Components:
Professionally designed suspension trailing arms and connectors. Adjustable and race ready.
Torque Arm Components:
Race ready tough torque arms for F Bodys.

Frame Connectors:
These chrome moly connectors will stiffen your frame and reduce body twist during launch.

Anti Roll Bar:
This custom designed 'gadget' is a NLRC required product in order to eliminate body roll during launch and provides a stable, straight 60 ft every time!

4 Link Systems:
These 4 link systems are laser cut 3/16 or 1/4 thick moly and include heavy duty rod ends with oversized shafts. Don't waste your money on mail order junk! These components are race tested and designed for many applications.

Complete Turbo Plumbing:
The newest and most powerful hosepower adder are turbos. They need the correctly designed plumbing to ensure an efficient use of space while providing a safe vehicle.

Race Car Interior Products:
Chrome moly driveshaft tubes, tin flooring, electronics, and other essential components.

Custom Fabricated Rollbars:
We manufacture chrome moly roll bars for many vehicle types. Install it yourself or have one of our race professionals install it for you. more info
Front Plate & MidPlate Fabrication:
Trust NLRC to keep your geometry in line when fabricating front and mid plates.

QuarterTech Front Control Arms: NEW NEW
These chrome moly front suspension components are race ready. more info

NLRC designs and manufactures a complete line of race suspension components. All of our products are track tested and competitively priced. Call us for a current listing of available products for your car!

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